He always comes at night.

He was watching again, he had to be, didn’t he?
I can feel his eyes, feel them caressing my flesh and scorching my soul. I can feel him here. He always leaves a souvenir, subtle like a watering can appearing out of nowhere. It wasn’t there before was it? No, no it wasn’t I’m sure it wasn’t, it’s different always different.

He’s here again, I can hear his footsteps crunching the leaves outside my window. Almost feel his breath searching for my scent to inhale.
He can’t get in, not this time. His old entries have been fixed and blocked. Should I call the police? No, not yet he hasn’t tried to get in yet, if he tries then I’ll call. I’ll check the security camera footage tomorrow and take that in, yeah then he will be gone.

Nothing on the footage, could I be wrong? Was he here at all? Or was it in my own mind the sound  of the crunching leaves song? No I’m sure he was here of course the souvenir, the pot has been moved a little to the right or is it a trick of the light? No it had to be him, he will keep coming until he gets his share.

Bang, bang, bang, startled to awareness from my deep sleep. Were they gunshots? Has he taken this obsession so far? I really ought to call the police.
Bang, bang, bang, no one can save me now. The cracking shots echo across the hills and each echo crashes into my mind.
Bang, bang, crash, he is inside, it’s all over, I shout out “the police are on their way” a desperate plea the echo comes back but it’s distorted, I thought he said they were already here but I hadn’t called them had I? Had someone else reported the shots?

Two men stood in the doorway, they were dressed as police but they couldn’t be, I hadn’t called them had I? They were talking but I didn’t hear a word, didn’t they know he was here we are all in danger. I told them as much but they shook their heads slowly.

He can’t be here ma’am, we found his body out in the woods and he has been there for months.
“No you don’t understand, he always comes for me at night, he wants his share”.

They dragged me out of the house and i swore the pot plant was a little to the right…..


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