My father

My father;
If I had of known this is where you were leading me too I’m not sure I would have followed.
It’s cold and lonely, the wind is howling and the sand is ripping into my bare chest. I need to be brave like you asked but I’m tired, so very tired now. I followed your every command thinking you knew the path to righteousness and would help me to help others, I was wrong.
I feel broken, I am broken.
Is this what you had envisioned for your only son? Or did you spend so much of your time trying to help everyone else you forgot about me? What sort of parent does that?
I have been stuck here for over five hours now and you are nowhere to be seen. No miracle savior, I doubt you have even tried.
I wish I was born another but I would wish my 33 years on no one.
In your name as always,


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